January 2005

Some of our past work history, on many types of projects, that we have successfully completed are as follows:

1. Installation of strip finishing equipment for Temple Inland Fiber Products and Mid-South Engineering Co.

2. High pressure hydraulic piping project for Temple Inland Solid Wood Products and International Paper.

3. Lengthen 2 batch digesters four foot for Temple Inland Fiber Products.

4. Custom designed, fabricated and installed chip, dust, log and sand chutes for Temple Inland Fiber Products, International Paper-Nacogdoches and Jefferson, Texas Foundries-Lufkin, Champion International Paper-Corrigan and Champion/Donohue-Lufkin, Louisiana Pacific-Corrigan.

5. Turnkey installation of process conveyor and housing Dal-Tile.

6. Turnkey installation of Dust Transport System, Sand Reclaim System and Disa Monorail Loop System for Texas-Foundries-Lufkin.

7. Turnkey fabrication and installation of many types of ventilation and collection systems.

8. Custom fabrication of S.S. aluminum, copper, and brass.

9. Turnkey steam piping rebuild for Champion/Donohue-Lufkin.

10. 316L potable water system for Abitibi Consolidated.

11. 304L S.S. new city water line for Citation Corp.-Lufkin.

12. Sodium chlorate process piping and equipment setting for Abitibi Consolidated.

13. Set tanks and equipment and install process piping at American eChem of Lufkin.